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Entry #1

I'm a n00b.

2007-08-01 00:31:19 by spartacusxerox

I'm a n00b. I'm new to Newgrounds. I've got a n00b pic. I've got no postings. I've got no skills. But I can fix that.

Don't u just hate my new pic? it's so revolting, so infantile. i use that everyday, you know. infantile. in my postings. not that i have any.

i'm gonna post soon, but i just don't know what to post about. that's why i'm just doing random stuff. i do random stuff all the time. and i don't even know why. it's because i ain't got da skillz bo!

too gumby, too short, too laughy-whoo-ha? how can i describe... once i used so much shaving cream that i told a lie. yeah, i told a lie.

but i'm gonna do these things. soon e-nough. soon e-later.


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2010-06-21 10:09:19

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