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I can't believe it!

2010-07-16 00:04:56 by spartacusxerox

I never heard of this DJ Dureagon guy before, and he gave me a review! HE GAVE ME A REVIEW! And he's got a song that's #2 on NG. That's an achievement! AND HE LISTENED TO ONE OF MY LEAST FAVOURITE TRACKS! Man that's gutted. I'm pretty gutted. But I'm happy that he noticed me. He's like A CELEBRITY or something. OK I'm over it now, but it's alright. He must be a cool guy though. Hopefully. He's got an album. I hope he doesn't read this.

OK Bye bye peoples! Please listen to my beats! Hope u find them cool!


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2010-07-27 03:15:54

lol man, if I were that popular, would you be doing the same thing over me?

spartacusxerox responds:

You're the man Gamekrazzy, you the man! :) I'm like yo biggest fan :D