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-- Edit: AUDIO RANKINGS & New Rating System --

2010-08-01 20:30:45 by spartacusxerox

1. Fro - John Madden Commentary 2 78

1. Kirbyfemur - Once Profound 98
2. Youtubenderdog 311 - Time to Live 88
3. Reptiore - The Vegan Zombies 80
4. Calamaistr - In a Nutshell 80
5. Gamekrazzyproduction - A Sad Tale 72
6. Tunemi - Blip Hop 70
7. Agamoka - Clouds Are Raving Remix WIP 68
8. camoshark - .:Unsquare:. 64
9. Gamekrazzyproduction - Reactor Escape(Full Version) 58
10. ranter - Rock 'n Roll Show 52

1. Mabelma, Doubles13 - First Contact 88

Hey guys,

I've decided to implement a new rating system for all the different types of media that I review: Flash, Audio and Art. This is mostly a record for myself to keep consistent. In a minute I'll tell you why.

Many of my flash reviews give point scores that are inconsistent with the quality of the work. I have to give certain categories that I can rate that balance out all the different aspects of each media outlet so that I can give a fair review score to each submission.

So, to make things simpler, I will rate each submission based on 5 categories, regardless of their mode of media. These categories are:

- Creativity/Originality
- Soul
- Entertainment
- Professionalism
- Reviewer's Tilt

A simple average/mean score will be calculated from the five different values to give a point score, and then that score will undergo Swedish rounding to determine the point score of your submission.I apologise to all of you who haven't had this treatment earlier, but I have no intention of reviewing your submissions again.

edit: The submissions, based on their overall score, will be given one of the following verdicts:

10: You Da Bomb, Boi!
9: Spectacular
8: Awesome
7: Great
6: Pretty Good
5: OK
4: Not So Hot
3: Below Average
2: Disappointing
1: Horrible
0: Putrid

I thank you, and love one another dearly.


edit2: Altered the verdicts, and added Audio Rankings.


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2010-08-01 23:38:20

what happened with you doing that with my art?

(Updated ) spartacusxerox responds:

As I said, I apologise to those who haven't been given this treatment earlier, but I intend to implement it in the future.
Thx, -SpXer-


2010-08-03 18:04:13

I fap to your reviews.

spartacusxerox responds:

Unnecessary. Glad you like my reviews though.