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Quitting Newgrounds

2010-09-08 09:36:31 by spartacusxerox

Hey guys

I'm making the choice to quit Newgrounds because I felt I needed to devote more time with God and less time on my computer. So I'm deciding to pack up shop and get gone. Thank you for supporting me all this way. I leave saying that Jesus is the way to go, the only truth, and the life to live, and that no-one approaches God except through him. I pray that you believe in him and that he 1. died on the cross for your sins 2. was buried 3. and was raised again.

Thank you for all your support, yours sincerely,

-Benjamin Jones-


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2010-09-08 11:51:59

Gee I was gonna Leave NG about a week ago
decided not to! I'm Muslim and I'm fasting now
but I can still Go on! And I have to pray 5times a day

spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks BanglaBoy for your input. This is a personal decision and I've decided not to go on for a while, I might come back depending on the circumstances, but for now I'm out. It's a heart attitude decision for me and I hope you understand.




2010-09-08 14:18:56

I wish you the best in your life endeavors and choices. My advice to you is that no matter what happens to you in life try to be able to put things into perspective. This advice, I think, will aid you through out life and be the most helpful words anyone could ever say to you.


spartacusxerox responds:

Thanks rb really appreciate your concern.

Much love,



2010-10-04 01:43:17

Dude WHY? I respect you decision an all, but still... y?


2010-10-04 01:45:55

Edit: Well all I can do is say that I wish you nothing but success and that the blessings of the Lord rest upon you.
Good Luck Benny