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Doubles13- First Contact Doubles13- First Contact

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Aliens, ships, tractor beams, cities destroyed

Hey Mabelma, thanks for submitting this piece. Looks like a very authentic piece of art. Here we go, here's the review:

- Creativity/Originality -
Very creative, very original, very nice. I like the general ambience of the art, it's very dark and brooding and apocalyptic, as seen by the cloudy dark sky in the background. The light of the laser beams or whatever, contrasts with the light to give some sort of eerie feel to the piece. I like it. Very impressive. Very War of the Worlds-esque, but you've put your own twist on it. I like.

- Soul -
Again the soul of your art is very apocalyptic, very end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it. Your art does portray a sense of fear, but maybe if you made the perspective from closer to ground level, you could feel more empathetic with the world below. From this high, it seems like we're detached from the fate of the people. Mind you, this height also connects us with the aliens. Which has its own appeal.

- Entertainment -
I find this art very fun. Looking at the little detail, from the detail of the trees and houses etc. being sucked up into the ship etc. The cloud goes right in front of the ship, and may I say - everything's immaculately detailed. Except I can't seem to get whether the beams are tractor beams or destroying beams. They probably just pull the dirt out of the ground. Either way, it doesn't matter too much.

- Professionalism -
I agree, the colouring is amazing and very professional. Doesn't mean the line art isn't bad either, it's pretty very good anyway. The neon lights or whatever on the ships hull are very nice looking too. Overall, great teamwork.

- Reviewer's Tilt -
All I have to say is... WOW. Pretty amazing. The level of detail is amazing. it's pretty spectacular stuff. The brooding atmosphere and immaculate detail is astonishing. Well done. Thanks for letting me see your art.

- Creativity/Originality: 9/10
- Soul: 8/10
- Entertainment: 8/10
- Professionalism: 10/10
- Reviewer's Tilt: 9/10

VERDICT: Spectacular!


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Mabelma responds:

No, thank you for such an amazing review. It's so detailed an informative, you're a great reviewer. Keep up the amazing work and I'll try to fix the things you and everyone else has mentioned.

Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Very good

Hi there,

This is a very creative and original piece. I like how you thought up the scene: lightning, tractors flying, barns getting broken up piecemeal, it's all brilliant. The style is very unique, I like the bright lightning contrasting with the dark, but perhaps it is too dark to see what is going on.

However, you fail to communicate to me your soul through this piece. I can't see whether this is going on in your mind, or whether it's actually happening. Is this a reflection of the storms of life that you are trying hard to endure, but the tractors of your mind are flying in all directions, and the storehouses are getting raided by other peoples' piercing lightnings? That all I can't really inspect, but if there was some introspecting factor within this piece, it would be all the more enlightening.

But it is a very entertaining piece. I do enjoy the wrath of carnage that Mother Nature is inflicting upon the man-made mucky-muck of society. It seems to be in a rural area, which is interesting. I enjoy the ambience being emitted by the moon, just a faint glow, almost through frosted glass, even. It's brilliant how you see the twister, almost faded in the distance. However, I struggle to see whether it is close or far, just in my opinion.

Very professional. I enjoy this work of fine art, and I look at your other submissions and they don't seem as professional as this one. I realise that Gone With The Wind is the name of an old film, but it doesn't matter. But then I see that you said the tractor was a really good one, and I'm wondering... did this actually happen to you? I can't give you the benefit of the doubt, but one can't help but wonder. I give you +1 Soul Point for that addition. Captions are useful things.

But, in my own tilt, I think that it's way too dark. Way too dark. You can't even see anything. It does give the idea of a dark night, but I mean, come on this is a bit ridiculous. I'd like to seeee what you've done. Because it's very good stuff. It's just way too dark, in my tilt. Thank you though, for letting me see.

- Creativity/Originality 9/10
- Soul 8/10
- Entertainment 7/10
- Professionalism 8/10
- Reviewer's Tilt 5/10




MCarsten responds:

Hey man, thanks for your awesome review, I enjoyed your fact from be nice with the author reviewing and your way to understand the mind of the artist. Thanks for find my art creative and like professional and also for like my style that I did the atmosphere positions. The point from the art be all dark, it's because all the destruction, thunderful storm, wind moving the wrecks and dust. I don't have any accidents or frustration with these kinds of storms (tornadoes) because I never saw one, but I like them, I like to see videos and documentaries about them. And the art occurs on a rural area, by the farmbarns and tractors and also thanks for like my moon design. About the distance from the tornado, he is something in the back from the barn, but as he have some curves, the funnel where is touching the ground is more in the side-front from the barnyard. I never head about a movie what is called "Gone with the Wind", but I already heard about something with this name, but I bet you knows, but I didn't wish to copy anything or such. Hehe, the "tractor was a really good one" was just to be more like a joke, I never had a tractor lol.

Thanks again for your amazing review and for your kind words, I'm also a member from Review Request Club, but from all of them, you have a style, you're really honest and kind with the author, so I really need to thank you by this.


me in chibi me in chibi

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very pro

Wow. I like your general style, even with the pure black beady eyes.
The reflections of the eyes and boots and the total feel of it, like you're made out of plastic or something, is very cool.
I was like... wow. What am I seeing?

The mouth seems very professional, a gaping wide with a row of teeth and a detailed tongue. You even got shading on the tongue. I like!
The whole thing gives me a feeling that you are a professional. You know where shading goes, for example, the sunken part in the middle of the shirt.
You omit detail in the hands, which is alright, but I feel they might be too small.

But that's just an iffy note, overall spectacular polish, you are a true artiste.




lgnxhll responds:

Thank you for the great review, I am glad you enjoy my art

Mr.McGee Mr.McGee

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not nice

Again, I don't take a liking to your "fatty mcgee" art, it'd be a bit insulting to obese people.
I like art that doesn't put down, insult or mock people that aren't like us.
It's a bit hateful, actually.

I usually like your art, but I don't find this sort of thing funny, or entertaining.
But as a work of art, I guess the colour scheme is your usual.
So I'll be commenting on everything else except tbe offensive stuff.

I like your detail with the fries, it actually looks like McDonald's fries. It's quite nice.
The stars of the sky are very simply done, and I like your simple art style.
I didn't really get the concept of the moon having two left halves of his face, but it was interesting.
The dots on top of his eyes are supposed to be mini-eyebrows? I was a little confused by this.
And again, the dark blue sky is a very nice colour. Really portrays an air of dank darkness, but also the still kind of darkness, serene.

Apart from the offensive stuff, there really isn't much to say about the soul of the art.
I really would like you to stop making these "fatty mcgee" art, because quite frankly, I think your art usually brings about subtleties and nuances that I rarely see in art, the complexity that comes through simplicity.
I was just expecting more than this, that's all.

Thanks for letting me see your art, though.



up-a-notch responds:

Ok yeah I don't plan on doing anymore because...i don't feel like it, also this is not supposed to be mean

Late At Night... Late At Night...

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Hey there, -SpXer- here,

I like the general ambience of the room, as indicated by the tones in the walls, very eerie, in my opinion.
What I didn't like was the chair. I know that your style is very rough and "outside the edges", but the chair just didn't have the right perspective, and was too rough to garner a feeling for me.
The bags under your eyes, however, indicate someone who stays on his computer a lot, and hasn't got much sleep lately. You're allowed to make that statement.
I like the light coming from the lamp, it's very strange that the light doesn't reach all the way to your desk and that improves the eerie ambience of the art.

Again, your whole "colour outside the lines" thing has really been brought into fruition this time round, it brings an air of ambiguity to the piece.
Especially with your books(?) and yellow raincoat(??) on your dresser/file cabinet.
The fact that I like the most though, is that all the details don't seem to matter, it's just your face that needs inspecting.
A painting style that is ambiguous yet specific at the same time... for me, it doesn't hit totally.
Some things could beimproved, like the fact you can still see the computer screen through your head.
It takes away from the simplicity of your face (i know, sounds funny) but I like the coffee cup on your desk.

It seems like your writing an essay or doing your homework late at night, but I would have liked to see more of an air of urgency, like maybe some deep reds in there or something.
Mind you, that would take away from the tranquility of the piece.
It seems at night everything is silently tranquil, even when you're busy at it.
This could be a portrait of that moment when you finally realise, you're the only one awake in the house.
Very apt.

I like how the whole desk slopes one way, it gives a message of no perspectives, just the general outline.
The caption though, about this being a pretty good drawing... yes, but that's not all there is.
Maybe you should try to convey the more complex innards of your mind with even less words describing how deep exactly a simple picture like this can be...
For me, I like to find the complexity in the simplicity, that's why I like your pictures.

Overall, I give it a 6/10 because it does portray the feeling of a good room, but it doesn't expand on that much, except for the slight eerie ambience that results from it.
What I would like to see more is the physical manifestation of whatever emotions you may be feeling at this time, such as anger, frustration, or even inner peace.
That's why I like the face, it shows a somewhat puzzlement about you, that I like.

Thank you for letting me see your art.

Yours truly,


up-a-notch responds:

a book not yellow rain coat, also I am working on a game or just surfing the net...i dunno, but i like your reviews

Surprise Surprise

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very interesting

It looks like he is holding a money bag, which means he is either rich or has just won some money at like a game show.
The game show idea seems to stand out for me as he's got a spotlight on him.
The background with the red grate reminds me of a heater for some reason.
It could symbolise that this man is under heat.

The fact that this man is under heat could hint at him being a robber.
As if he had robbed the money from a bank.
I'm saying this because money 'bags' are said to have come from banks anyway.

The title of the art is 'surprise'. His face sure does look surprised.
The thick eyebrows really convey a surprised look, which is good.
The lines under the eyes have a sort of curious look about them.

What I find curious is that he is in a business suit, which seems to support the quiz show idea.
He also has a snazzy hairdo, which conveys a sort of 'slick business man' type look.
Your caption says 'I would not like to be him...' as if this is some undesirable position he is in.
Maybe it's a surprise quiz show? He does not like being surprised, it does not look like he is pleased.
Whereas he should be pleased because he has just won money.
Maybe he has realised that money is not all there is in the world?
A man in a business suit with a tie really completes the picture in this one.

Your picture is a very puzzling one. It leads me to draw all sorts of conclusions, but what I like about it is the baffling quality.
Maybe it was that baffling quality that you were going for, but I think that the simplicity of your art that brings this sort of mystery and emotion beckons a good 10. Now I don't give this out lightly, but I believe that you have managed to capture some essence of what art is about, with the soul of the painting rather than just the pure techniques and aesthetics. Well done.




up-a-notch responds:

I don't know if I should tell you...but he is a robber...

John Lennon John Lennon

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Vibrant, but crunch the soul

I like the overall style of the art. I see your eyes are dots behind the glasses, just like in the comic books. I like that quality. Sort of reminds me of the Simpsons. The shading about the upper lip is somewhat weird. It looks like a birthmark of some sort. But I believe the nose is very cool. Maybe put some shading on the back part of the nose.

The eyebrows are quite simplistic, but they serve their purpose. I agree with mrty, those 'v's are very good on the hair and more would be much appreciated. But overall the hair has some sort of washed out inconsistency that in fact... appeals to me. I like the fact that you've even got detail on his shoulders... looks like he's wearing some sort of singlet?

You've captured some of the soul of John Lennon, but maybe there's more to John than what's in this picture. Perhaps capture some of his mysterious darker qualities by incorporating different touches. But overall, very cool. I like this.

Thank you for letting me see this. I'll give you a 7/10. This review was brought to you by:

<=====[xxxo THE REVIEW REQUEST CLUB oxxx]=====>

up-a-notch responds:

and this response was brought to you by me! but really thanks for the review!