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Quitting Newgrounds

2010-09-08 09:36:31 by spartacusxerox

Hey guys

I'm making the choice to quit Newgrounds because I felt I needed to devote more time with God and less time on my computer. So I'm deciding to pack up shop and get gone. Thank you for supporting me all this way. I leave saying that Jesus is the way to go, the only truth, and the life to live, and that no-one approaches God except through him. I pray that you believe in him and that he 1. died on the cross for your sins 2. was buried 3. and was raised again.

Thank you for all your support, yours sincerely,

-Benjamin Jones-

-- Edit: AUDIO RANKINGS & New Rating System --

2010-08-01 20:30:45 by spartacusxerox

1. Fro - John Madden Commentary 2 78

1. Kirbyfemur - Once Profound 98
2. Youtubenderdog 311 - Time to Live 88
3. Reptiore - The Vegan Zombies 80
4. Calamaistr - In a Nutshell 80
5. Gamekrazzyproduction - A Sad Tale 72
6. Tunemi - Blip Hop 70
7. Agamoka - Clouds Are Raving Remix WIP 68
8. camoshark - .:Unsquare:. 64
9. Gamekrazzyproduction - Reactor Escape(Full Version) 58
10. ranter - Rock 'n Roll Show 52

1. Mabelma, Doubles13 - First Contact 88

Hey guys,

I've decided to implement a new rating system for all the different types of media that I review: Flash, Audio and Art. This is mostly a record for myself to keep consistent. In a minute I'll tell you why.

Many of my flash reviews give point scores that are inconsistent with the quality of the work. I have to give certain categories that I can rate that balance out all the different aspects of each media outlet so that I can give a fair review score to each submission.

So, to make things simpler, I will rate each submission based on 5 categories, regardless of their mode of media. These categories are:

- Creativity/Originality
- Soul
- Entertainment
- Professionalism
- Reviewer's Tilt

A simple average/mean score will be calculated from the five different values to give a point score, and then that score will undergo Swedish rounding to determine the point score of your submission.I apologise to all of you who haven't had this treatment earlier, but I have no intention of reviewing your submissions again.

edit: The submissions, based on their overall score, will be given one of the following verdicts:

10: You Da Bomb, Boi!
9: Spectacular
8: Awesome
7: Great
6: Pretty Good
5: OK
4: Not So Hot
3: Below Average
2: Disappointing
1: Horrible
0: Putrid

I thank you, and love one another dearly.


edit2: Altered the verdicts, and added Audio Rankings.

I can't believe it!

2010-07-16 00:04:56 by spartacusxerox

I never heard of this DJ Dureagon guy before, and he gave me a review! HE GAVE ME A REVIEW! And he's got a song that's #2 on NG. That's an achievement! AND HE LISTENED TO ONE OF MY LEAST FAVOURITE TRACKS! Man that's gutted. I'm pretty gutted. But I'm happy that he noticed me. He's like A CELEBRITY or something. OK I'm over it now, but it's alright. He must be a cool guy though. Hopefully. He's got an album. I hope he doesn't read this.

OK Bye bye peoples! Please listen to my beats! Hope u find them cool!

Haha wow!

2010-06-17 22:32:50 by spartacusxerox

I am an artist now! Yeah I find it much easier to get good ratings that way :P
I think I'm getting better, hopefully! Thank you all for supporting me!
I like to give good feedback, so if you want feedback for your song, just PM me and I'll analyse! :)

Thanks vm!

I am happy!

2007-11-13 21:17:57 by spartacusxerox

Yeah well I've posted two animations which have both got blammed... and that's my life...

I'm just struggling to become a good animator... but I fail so miserably...

Yeah well... CYA

spartacisxerox <== see I even spell my own username rwong <== and I even splet wrong wrong

I'm a n00b.

2007-08-01 00:31:19 by spartacusxerox

I'm a n00b. I'm new to Newgrounds. I've got a n00b pic. I've got no postings. I've got no skills. But I can fix that.

Don't u just hate my new pic? it's so revolting, so infantile. i use that everyday, you know. infantile. in my postings. not that i have any.

i'm gonna post soon, but i just don't know what to post about. that's why i'm just doing random stuff. i do random stuff all the time. and i don't even know why. it's because i ain't got da skillz bo!

too gumby, too short, too laughy-whoo-ha? how can i describe... once i used so much shaving cream that i told a lie. yeah, i told a lie.

but i'm gonna do these things. soon e-nough. soon e-later.